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SD40 BPOU Convention Results

Saturday, April 2, 2016 turned out a great representation of the Brooklyn Center and southern Brooklyn Park delegates and alternates to the SD40 Convention.  All were heard and what a great majority of new people that have gotten involved in the grass roots political process.

The business of the convention was covered along with a good amount of debate and education of the process and activities involved in an election year convention.

The endorsement of candidates was not able to be addressed during this convention as we are still recruiting and meeting with candidates.  If you or anyone you know who lives in Brooklyn Center or Brooklyn Park south of 85th Ave N are interested or even open to finding out more about running for office, send an email to via the contact form or to sd40gop@gmail.com

Congratulations to all who were elected as delegates or alternates to the upcoming Congressional District and state conventions.  The list of people representing us are listed below.

5th Dist                                                                               State
D Robert MARVIN                                                      D Robert MARVIN
D Kathleen NELSON                                                  D Kathleen NELSON
D Beverly Rieschl                                                        D Beverly Rieschl
D Ronald CHENEY                                                     D Joe JABLONSKI
D Donald BUMGARNER                                           D Ronald CHENEY
D Joe JABLONSKI                                                      D Donald BUMGARNER
A1 Nancy BLEXRUD                                                  A1 Toby PHILLIPS
A2 Toby PHILLIPS                                                     A2 Rex NEWMAN
A3 Alois BILEK JR                                                      A3 Janet BLEXRUD
A4 Rex NEWMAN                                                       A4 Nancy BLEXRUD
A5 Janet BLEXRUD                                                    A5 Nathan BAKKE
A6 Nathan JOHNSEN                                                A6 Alois BILEK JR

3rd Dist                                                                                  State
D Andres NELSON                                                        D Andres NELSON
D Cory Jensen                                                                 D Cory Jensen
D Richard TAYLOR                                                        D Richard TAYLOR
D Todd Peterson                                                             D Kenneth SENGITA
D Kenneth SENGITA                                                     D Todd Peterson
D Cara HODAK                                                               D Keith KIEFFER
D Alan HODAK                                                               D Lauralee Peterson
D Lauralee Peterson                                                       D Kristie HARALSM
D Malik BUSH                                                                 D Malik BUSH
D Kristie HARALSM                                                      D Amy JOHNSON
A1 Walter WALCZAK                                                     A1 Gary Nelson
A2 Keith KIEFFER                                                         A2 Barbra MCCALLEY
A3 Gary Nelson
A5 Thomas Maus

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