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News Release: Jeff Johnson Announces Leadership Team

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

New information about Jeff Johnson for Governor campaign.


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State Republican Convention Results

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Beginning Friday May 30th and ending Saturday evening May 31, the delegates and alternates for the party met in Rochester for the state Republican Convention.  Over 2300 people gathered for the purpose of endorsement of key races for the November elections.

SD40 had 17 seats at our convention, which we had filled at all times, Thank you to all who took the time and commitment to follow through on your obligation to the district to be at the convention.

The following candidates were endorsed for Minnesota statewide offices:

  • Randy Gilbert for State Auditor
  • Dan Severson for Secretary of State
  • Scott Newman for State Attorney General
  • Mike McFadden for US Senate
  • Jeff Johnson for Governor

We look forward to working with these first class candidates and their campaigns as we team up to work on their behalf along with our Minnesota House of Representatives and local office elections.  November will be the best point of CHANGE in the state of Minnesota that we experience in many years past.

Let’s work together for the successful election of ALL of our endorsed candidates!

State Central Results

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

On Thursday night, May 29th, the State Central Committee met in Rochester before the start of the State Republican party Convention for the purpose of electing a new Deputy Chair and Secretary of the state Republican party.

  • Congratulations to Heather Todd, on being elected to the role of Secretary of the state party.
  • Congratulations to Chris Fields, our new Deputy Chair for the Republican Party of Minnesota

Earlier in the week, Pete Hegseth, was appointed to the role of Finance Chair.


We look forward to working with our new party staff as we work towards the election of our candidates in November!

Congratulations to our Endorsed House District Candidates

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

On Thursday May 15th, the SD40 Republicans met for the purpose of considering endorsements for the Minnesota House Districts 40A, and 40B.

The delegates unanimously chose to endorse and then got fully behind our candidates!

We endorsed the following candidates:


  • Charles (Chuck) Sutphen, for House District 40A
  • Mali Marvin, for House District 40B


The delegation then chose to consider endorsement for the office of Brooklyn Center Mayor.

The delegates again chose to unanimously endorse and as a result, Robert (Rob) Marvin, was endorsed for the office of Brooklyn Center Mayor.


Congratulations to all candidates and a special thank you to each and every delegate and officer who came out to make this a successful convention.

Please commit to support your candidates with your money, time and prayers!

Check back on this site for more information on candidates, events and Republican activities to get involved in.